Current Affairs for IBPS Probationary Officer Exam


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IBPS Probationary Officer exam has dedicated section for General Awareness and Current Affair. The questions are based on India, World with stress on Banking Industry.

The following Solved Sample Questions for IBPS Probationary Officer exam will be helpful in preparing for exam. You may also download more GK from Current Affairs for IBPS Clerk CWE.

Note: The answers have been marked as *.

1. Petrol is the cheapest in which metro after the price cut announced by oil marketing companies (OMCs) on November 30, 2011?

a)    New Delhi*

b)    Kolkata

c)     Mumbai

d)    Chennai

e)     Same in all


2. Who won the Lal Bahadur Shastri Hockey Men’s tournament organised in New Delhi in December 2011?

a)    Railways

b)    ONGC*

c)     Air India

d)    SAIL

e)     Services


3. Which country won the Champions Challenge I Hockey tournament organised in South Africa in November-December 2011?

a)    India

b)    Belgium*

c)     Malaysia

d)    Argentina

e)     South Africa


4. Which of the following statements about Davis Cup tennis final played in December 2011 is/are correct?

I. It was played in Seville

II. Russia was the losing finalist

III. Spain won Davis Cup

a)    I only

b)    I and II only

c)     II and III only

d)    III and I only*

e)     I, II and III


5. What was Saina Nehwal’s performance in singles at the China Open badminton organised in Shanghai in November 2011?

a)    Won

b)    Lost in final

c)     Lost in semi-final

d)    Lost in quarter-final

e)     Lost in first round match*


6. Who among the following won the ATP World Tour Finals title in the tournament organised in London in November 2011?

a)    Andy Murray

b)    Rafael Nadal

c)     Andy Roddick

d)    Roger Federer*

e)     Novak Djokovic


7. Who was conferred with the Confucius Peace Prize by the government of China in November 2011?

a)    Dalai Lama

b)    Hugo Chavez

c)     Angela Merkel

d)    Vladimir Putin*

e)     Nelson Mandela


8. Where was Fateh Burj, India’s tallest victory tower, inaugurated in November 2011?

a)    Bihar

b)    Gujarat

c)     Punjab*

d)    Rajasthan

e)     Uttar Pradesh


9. The Reserve Bank of India has issued a notification making it mandatory for all demand drafts of _____ and above to be account payee only.

a)    Rs. 10,000

b)    Rs. 20,000*

c)     Rs. 30,000

d)    Rs. 40,000

e)     Rs. 50,000


10. Which foreign university awards the Stevenson award, won by Indian student Mahima Khanna in November 2011, for exceptional academic performance?

a)    Harvard University

b)    Stanford University

c)     University of Oxford

d)    University of Cambridge*

e)     University of California Berkeley



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